Aile, Çalışma ve Sosya Hizmetler Bakanlığı 1st COUNCIL ON AGEING 20-22 FEBRUARY 2019 Yaşlılık Şurası


    Turkey has been listed among the most successful OECD countries regarding the increase in life expectancy. While life expectancy at birth was 64.26 years i n 1990, this number increased to 70 in 2000 and approximately to 76 in 2018. 7 million 186 thousand and 204 people, corresponding to 8.8% of the total population are consisted of individuals at or above 65 years age . It is expected that elderly population would reach to 8.6 million by 2023 and 19 million 442 thousand people by 2050. As a consequence of the development in health-care and social services, as well as the increase in the life expectancy, the rate of older population has been increasing rapidly. Therefore, meeting the multiple needs of the elderly population timely and with a holistic approach becomes an issue with growing importance in Turkey.

    In his remarks at the General Assembly of the United Nations on 25 September 2018 on the importance of the issue of ageing and the needs of older persons in Turkey and in other countries of the world, H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Republic of Turkey underlined the need to declare 2019 as the Year of Older Persons and to organize an international council on ageing that would provide a platform to tackle the issue of ageing comprehensively.

    Council on Ageing is expected to steer global ageing policies under the leadership of Turkey. The objectives of the Council, by which 2019 will be declared as the Year of Older Persons by H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, are as follows :

    • Declaring 2019 as as the year of older persons and to setting the agenda for the needs and expectations of the rapidly ageing world with the contributions of countries from different regions of the world such as Asia and Europe.
    • Raising national and international awareness on different aspects of ageing and elderliness,
    • Creating a common approach and a multidisciplinary platform for the exchange of ideas among experts about ageing and elderliness that have recently been discussed with more enthusiasm and priority and with all cultural, social and economic dimensions,
    • Declaring 2023 Vision Document with the purposes of underlining the social policy measures to be taken for older persons who constitute a significant segment of the general population in terms of social welfare policies and steering policies for older persons ,
    • Ensuring cooperation and coordination among the relevant institutions in order to have the needs of older persons such as care, dignity, self-fulfillment, participation to public life are met in a more efficient way and with priority,
    • Brainstorming and exchanging ideas about national and international projects on ageing or older persons,
    • Sharing the information about the practices carried out by public/private sectors, universities and civil society organizations with the participants; finding new topics for further discussions and identifying the needs and strength of Turkey accordingly. 

    Within this scope, the most significant objective of the 1st Council on Ageing is to raise awareness on diverse issues such as intergenerational solidarity, active ageing, life-long learning, age discrimination, rights of older persons, abuse and neglect of older persons, the value of older persons within the transforming structure of societies and families, economic implications of ageing, care services and tourism for older persons, training qualified staff to be employed in care services for older persons and employment.