Ministry of Women, Family, Childhood and Senior

Mrs. Imen Becheikh is the Director for Seniors in the Ministry of Women, Family, Childhood, and Seniors (MWFCS), in the Republic of Tunisia. She earned a Bachelor in Private Law and Specialized Graduate Diploma in Environmental Law and Urban Planning from the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences, Tunis (Tunisia). In different capacities at the MWFCSC, she has accumulated more than eight (8) and eleven (11) years of experience in managing various public initiatives targeting Childhood and Seniors, respectively. Mrs. Becheikh is a permanent member of the Tunisian National Commission in charge of setting the specifications for establishing and managing cure centers for the elderly. She also served as member of the Tunisian delegation that contributed to preparing the draft of the Arab Strategy for Senior Citizens held under the auspices of the League of Arab States (2015-2018). She is also member of the Tunisian National Commission in charge of drafting the Code of Seniors– a first of its kind worldwide (2017-2019). Mrs. Becheikh has participated into different international seminars and conferences on topics related to public strategies and services targeting Childhood and Senior Citizens, such as the Arab Conference on Institutional Care for the Elderly held in 2015 in Marrakech (Morocco), and the training seminar on Women’s Participation into Economic, Social, and Political Life held in 2018 in China.